our roots

Like No Udder Soaps all came about when we were living on a small acreage and I noticed my neighbours had some goats. I have always loved goats so I started doing some research. I soon came to find out just how amazing goats are and all the things you can do with their milk. The one thing that stood out the most for me was the use of the milk in soaps and moisturizers. My daughter and I have always had sensitive skin, we found other soaps irritated our skin. Then not long after the birth of my second son he started to get eczema.

Whilst the soaps I was making were really good, I wanted to make them better. Being a strong believer in using organic products I wanted to make our soaps certified organic. So again I went back to the drawing board, where I came up with the Like No Udder Soaps range, these soaps truly are amazing. They are gentle, nourishing and contain nothing nasty.

My son’s eczema has now gone and my daughter and I no longer have to suffer from irritated skin caused by other soaps. We hope you enjoy them as much as the Like No Udder Soaps family does.