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Welcome to like no udder soaps

do you suffer from skin conditions — eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, sensitive skin.

our products contain natural and organic

ingredients known to help aid various skin conditions.

Our products are all handmade, using the finest certified organic ingredients. Our soaps have been carefully crafted to cater for all kinds of skin types, creating a rich lather that wont dry out your skin. Our bath bombs contain organic coconut oil, which has an amazing moisturizing effect on the skin and we have also added goats milk to nourish and sooth the skin. All our products contain 100% pure essential oils that have properties known to help aid various skin conditions.

Each bar of soap contains the added benefit of goats milk that we get fresh from our girls everyday. If you’re suffering from skin conditions we recommend giving our soaps a try and see for yourself just how lovely they are. Our products are free from harsh chemicals, synthetic colorants and animal testing.

Like No Udder Soaps are 100% natural, the way nature intended.

At Like No Udder Soaps our aim is to make the most natural product we can. Our soaps may look similar in colour as we have chosen to focus on the benefits that the soaps will have on your skin rather than adding unnecessary colours.

Australian Certified organic products

goats milk soaps

If you suffer from sensitive skin or a dermatological skin condition then we highly recommend using our range. We have had so many success stories of improvement from people that have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or just can’t use other soaps as they dry out and irritate their skin. We hope that you too will see and feel the difference with the Like No Udder Soap range.


bath bombs

Relax and unwind with one of our luxurious bath bombs. Made with organic coconut oil, pure essential oils and botanicals. These generously sized bath bombs also contain healing goats milk known to help aid in various skin conditions. Take a look at our range today.


soy candles

Set the mood or simply enjoy our pure soy candles made with all natural essential oils. We use woodwicks to give that special touch. With added botanicals this makes the perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone special.