Australian Certified Organic Why“You deserve the best”

When choosing organic skincare you’re not just looking after your own health. By choosing organic you’ll ensure you are not only minimalizing the impacts on the environment, increasing Fairtrade and of course using a product that will nourish and love your skin. All of our ingredients are sourced from reliable and reputable certified organic companies. Every effort is made to make sure you are receiving the best we can offer in our products.

Our Ingredients Whyingredients

Our ingredients are sourced from 100% certified organic producers. We do not use any nasties or unnatural ingredients. Beautiful organic vegetable oils, 100% essential oils and botanicals.  Your skin will thank you.

SUSTAINABILITY: Palm oil is an ingredient in our soaps, however it is sourced from a company that sustainably grow it. We do not believe in using a product that not only effects the environment but animal welfare too. So we take it very seriously when sourcing this particular product. If you would like to read more on this please click here.

Child Friendly Why

child friendly

Our range of products are gentle enough for children to use, we recommend the plain bar for newborn babies as their skin is so sensitive. No need to add anything else at bath time. The Like No Udder Soaps range started because of my own children so making products that are safe for children is a high priority. We hope that you too will love our products just as much for your children.


Sensitive Skin Whysensitive skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin or a dermatological skin condition then we highly recommend using our range. We have had so many success stories of improvement from people that have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or just can’t use other soaps as they dry out and irritate their skin. We hope that you too will see and feel the difference with the Like No Udder Soap range.